"Working with Amy has been an essential, and life-saving, part of my business." 

Build a business you love...

You know when you have that A-ha moment?

When you suddenly realize you’re in the right place doing exactly what you were meant to do?

Well, that’s me.

I became a copywriter and worked hard to make sure I was the best. So now I work with coaches and consultants  with high standards and bring their businesses alive through the power of words.

Words that sell.

Words that convince... and words that tell everyone exactly what they’re about – succinctly, clearly and without embellishment.

Let me take you back in time for a moment…

I don’t remember precisely when I realized I was a good writer -- no actually, a great writer. But I knew I could do something pretty amazing with words. And that I could use this skill to help people get their ideas and story perfect, so their businesses soared.

Put simply, I now want to be part of the building blocks of your business success.

I want you to be exactly where you’re meant to be -- at the top, so you’re in the perfect position to help the people you’re trying to reach.

My skill is creating perfectly crafted conversational writing and simplifying the complicated... throwing out the jargon and bringing in sharp, precise copy that engages your readers.

Reaching your target audience.

Amy truly is a secret weapon.

Working with Amy has been an essential, and life-saving, part of my business. Amy has the unique ability to read between the lines and find the voice, style, and directionality in my work – the result is akin to having a clearer, more disciplined, and finer-tuned version of myself writing copy and crafting my message.

Matt Walker  //  Matt Walker Adventures

I felt so passionate about what I wanted to do and how I wanted to help people that I invested in Copy Hackers Copy School – it’s one of the best copywriting courses in North America.

If you want to be that good, you don’t go anywhere else. If you want to be a brilliant copywriter, you train at Copy School -- end of story.

That means you get the very best of the best, the elite class of copywriters.

Imagine -- you have the perfect idea, Olympic sized goals and all the ambition.

You want to help people...

... you know it can work. You’ve done all the business talk, you’ve invested in yourself, but you haven’t invested in the RIGHT website or launch copy yet. 

And this can be fatal. It could mark the death of your business.

Get those wrong and you’re invisible. Nobody knows you exist... nobody cares... and that hurts, because you know you have the ability to make a massive difference in your client's lives.

Your website is your business calling card. And you need it to stand out in the most brilliant way possible.

Your launch copy is your ticket to limitless sales. And you need it to make that mil. 

With me, you have your perfect partner because I can help make that happen.  

I’m committed. I do the research. I dig deep and make sure all the bases are covered in terms of the writing. It has to be -- because there’s so much riding on it, right?

And yes, I’m passionate and I care. I’m rarely satisfied with good enough or satisfying the status quo, it has to be right.

I’m the one who hired a life coach because I wanted to make sure I knew what my mission was in life. And writing came up again and again. It’s a lifelong commitment for me.

I love your business as much as you do, so if you’re asking yourself, "why should I hire you"? Then the answer has to be because I’m worth it.

Am I right for you? -- only if you believe you can make it and you don't give up after one try.

Because I’m the one who’ll be by your side throughout, providing the words and strategic support you’re going to need.

Can I make your business better? -- you betcha.

I’ll never walk away until we’re absolutely certain you’re where you need to be.

We’ll work together and bust through those invisible ceilings that take you to a bigger picture -- a really successful business.

I’ll build that picture with you. I’m the architect that looks at the end goal and helps build the strategy to get there.

Yes, I can do sensible, carefully crafted copy -- but you know what?

I can do edgy, too, and take risks if that’s what you need. I can articulate what you’re trying to say in the way you need to say it best.

If your mission in life is to help people, make the world a better place, or change one person’s life in the most beautiful way possible then I’m your woman.

Even a tiny one degree shift in a person’s life can be life-changing -- but they need to know where to find you in order to make it happen.

I’m committed to you and your business growth. 

Part of my process is to get to know you, listen to you and understand you. 

I've found my mission in life -- to write and to help people.

To combine what I love with what I do best -- helping businesses succeed. 

And I aim high. I aim for the top of the highest mountain and I want to take you with me.

Clients love me -- I mean, why wouldn't they? They've invested in me and it's paid off for them --  big time.

It was great working with Amy.

I would definitely recommend her and use her again. What I loved the most about working with Amy was her attention to details.  She really took the time to understand what I wanted and that’s exactly what I got. If you’re looking for a great copywriter, Amy is your gal.

Karlene Hibbert  //  Onyx Marketing Mix

Look, I kind of feel you know me now and what I’m about.

But you should also know, I’m quirky and I have a great sense of humor. And once you get to know me, you’ll see that.

My passions are animal welfare and the environment.

And the qualities I love most in the world?

Intelligence. Generosity. Kindness...

... and standing up for what you believe in.

And I love living an active, outdoor lifestyle. I live the best life I can... healthy and happy.

I am always growing, evolving and changing. 

I’m a wicked mountain biker and I’m one of those people who can keep plants alive -- green fingers as well as keyboard fingers!

And, of course, delivering the best quality work to you, my client.

You want to do good... I want to do good. We belong together.

With my writing skills and gift for storytelling and your consulting/coaching business we can take on the world and win!

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