Get Your New Email Series Audited By Moi

and stop stressing and testing to see if it works!

Oh, hey! I'm super stoked you decided to come and check out my offer to audit your new welcome emails.

I totally know what it's like to put something out there and have no idea if it will actually work.

Getting a second pair of eyes on your work from someone who's in the biz is invaluable.

It helps so much to have that outside perspective. 

Why not get help where you can, right?

We're our own worst critics and fans! 

I'll read over your emails and provide you feedback on things like:

  • how to create flow from story outline to paragraph structure
  • enticing subject lines
  • using direct and clear language and ditching pesky words that don't belong (and aren't needed)
  • creating open and closed loops for each email
  • adding CTA's that readers want to click
  • ensuring your offer is strong so you make some sales
  • using story to connect with your readers

Here's how it works:

  • You pay up front for the audit
  • You'll get a confirmation email with the dates I'm available to do the audit (I can usually fit in a handful of these a month)
  • You send me your emails via Google doc
  • I read them over and offer notes inside the doc
  • If I need to go deeper with my explanations, I'll also send a Loom video
  • You'll receive the audit within 7 days from the first day your audit is scheduled
  • You rewrite emails based on my feedback
  •  You set your new emails on auto-pilot and turn readers in super fans (and make more moola)

BUT, you need to act fast because I only work with decisive action-takers.

are ready to send emails that work?

Get your new  welcome email series audited by me.

$450 USD

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