your brand voice can be you or something you choose.

“Your brand voice can be edgy or funny, just be consistent."

Do you have a consistent tone of voice across all your brand assets?

Hey, so something that I've been putting a lot of thought into lately for my own business, and for my clients, is tone of voice.

This is your brand voice.

So how you talk. How you show up to your customers and clients.

And you know, one of the things, it's just super important to be consistent.

So, you can choose whatever brand voice you want. 

You can be funny, snarky and edgy...

You can be casual, like you're just having a conversation with your friend. 

That's my brand voice... I'm very casual in how I speak.

You can be the hopeless optimistic. You can be the helpless self-deprecating kind of person...

... whatever it is that you choose. 

The biggest piece of advice that I want to give here is to be consistent because your customers and clients need you to be. 

If you are showing up differently in every platform. 

You know, say, one day you're casual, and then suddenly you're like this crazy optimistic and you know, super bubbly kind of person. And then another time you're helpless and self-deprecating. 

It's just going to confuse your audience and they're not going to know how to respond...

So they probably just won't.

Whatever you choose, just be consistent. Have that voice show up across all your channels and in everything you do. 

It doesn't mean that you can't change it. Because you can if, you know, in a year from now you're like, I'm just kind of tired of being the self-deprecating making fun of myself all the time person... 

You can certainly change.

But again, just change and show up consistently wherever you are. 

So yeah, that's my advice for today. 

Pick a voice. Be consistent. And that's it. 

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You are responsible for everything in your business.
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You are responsible for everything in your business.
10X This - Slow Business Growth
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