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Let’s get real...

There's a good chance you launched a company website because it's what you're supposed to do. 

And quickly whipped a boring-a$$ message together to fill up space...

... or worse: you let your web designer or 'writer-friend' do it for you.

Well, it's those words on your website right now that are likely preventing new clients from calling you -- and stunting your firms growth. 

And in this short letter, I'm going to introduce you to a method that will ensure the words on your website consistently help you get new clients through the door. 

In as little as two weeks, you'll have a perfect message that feels good, is on brand (yes, even lawyers need a brand!) and has prospects excited to work with you. 

It's time to take your website copy seriously if you don't want to be another lame lawyer with lots of navy blue and zero personality.

The good news is, you can quickly and easily change this with the secret ingredient I'm going to share with you.

Let's talk numbers for a sec.

On average there are 285 people per lawyer in the United States.

You can immediately reduce that number by 23% to exclude minors...

Then again to eliminate everyone who will never hire a lawyer in their lifetime. And that already bleak number of 285 is quickly reduced to less than 200.

That's less than 200 potential clients per lawyer.

That's not a lot of potential clients when you consider many of them will only ever hire a lawyer for one-off events like writing their will or buying a house.

I'm not trying to use scarcity or scare tactics here... I'm merely presenting the numbers. The very real reality.

What does this mean for you?

It means, if you want to keep your practice busy and consistently attract a steady stream of new clients, you need to stand out from all the other lawyers in your geographical area. 

Perhaps you run ads in the local paper...

You've got a huge wrap on a bus with the busiest route…

You had a website made because you know that's what you're supposed to do...

And you might even be part of your local BNI or Chamber of Commerce.

The truth is, all of this is well and fine. But everything still leads to your website.

It's in the paper ads... on your business cards... it's probably even on that fancy bus wrap. 

Everything leads back to your website. 

It's good that you have an online presence because 90% of all consumers look online now before making any buying decisions. That’s a LOT of people taking to the internet to find what they need.

But if your website doesn't have the right words, it's bad for business. 

Heck, your site might even get tons of viewers, but if all those lookers don't equal clients... you have a serious problem.

Because if your website doesn't speak human. And it doesn't set you apart from every other lawyer, it can't do it's job.

And if you're an awesome lawyer, how will people know if your website says the exact same thing as your biggest competitor?

Here's the thing, your website doesn't exist to confirm all lawyers love navy blue... or show off all your degrees. It exists to sell your services. 

In fact, it should be your biggest salesperson.

And if it's overflowing with conversion killers, growth is dwarfed because it lacks a strong and compelling message.

Errors like:

  • A lack of persuasive headlines, value proposition and actionable CTA's (if this sounds like gobbledeegook, I can explain)
  • Unclear messaging -- it reads in a way that makes sense to you only
  • Content that is all about you and your accomplishments
  • Words that don't elicit an emotional connection with prospects
  • An over complicated or underwhelming message
  • SEO keyword stuffing...or completely non-existent keywords, and
  • A noticeable lack of research into your target market..

... are hurting your practice.

 And that's just the start!


If you want to get found, get noticed and get hired...

... I have what you need.

But first, let me introduce myself.

I’m Amy!


And I can transform the words on your website to make you sound human, warm, inviting and the go-to lawyer for the service you provide.

I help people like you get found online and grow your business by using the right words to get website visitors to click on the BOOK NOW button.

And I’m pleased to share how I will help you transform your website into your biggest advocate and hardest working salesperson.

Unless you're not a nice person, then please don't book a call with me. If you manipulate and take advantage of vulnerable people, you aren't my people.

I help kind (and fun!) lawyers who genuinely care about helping their clients.

If that sounds like you, keep reading...

When it came time to have a new website I knew Amy was the person to write the content... 

Amy researched my industry and crafted content that used accurate technical terminology for my profession yet also had a warm and fuzzy flavor suitable for my dog loving target market. Thanks Amy. I think you know me and my business better than I do now!

Maren Bruun  //  Dog Trainer

Through Amy’s process, she was able to bring my website to life with my passion and perspective for transforming residents families into fans...

She got me to dig deep into what matters for my clients and tell my story in a way that really connects with my audience. I felt like she had my back and was truly committed to delivering gold, which she did! 

Deborah Bakti  //  Seniors' Care Consultant

I hired Amy to create professional copy for my website. It was without a doubt smooth sailing from start to finish...

You won't regret hiring Amy. She delivered on time and absolutely exceeded my expectations. I could not be happier with my new website. I recommend her to everybody. Thanks again, Amy!

Zbynek Razima  //  Contractor

Now, before we get into the details of how I can help you, let's discuss why working with the right copywriter matters.

You might feel resistance (that slightly annoyed feeling towards me) right now, but thanks for reading this far... this part is important.

If you think your website is 'good enough' and copywriters charge too much…

I beckon you to keep reading because it's imperative to know…

... not all copywriters are equal.

There are many copywriters who put in the minimum work required because they put their own profits above their client's success.

These kinds of copywriters suck. And if you've worked with one like this in the past, I understand your hesitation to try again. I feel you.

But a good copywriter will only feel successful when you're successful. They are fully invested in your business and will deliver over and above, on time, and do the heavy lifting for you, so you can keep working on what matters.

A copywriter who cares and is invested in your business will go above and beyond to deliver until you are happy.

If you find a copywriter who is quick to make big promises and jumps at the chance to work with you before doing any due diligence, you're smart to be discerning.

The right copywriter will make sure you're a good fit for each other. They'll do some investigating into your business and market and will offer you valuable suggestions on how to proceed to ensure you're getting the most value.

A Skilled Copywriter Will Also:    

  • Take their time to understand your business and needs to they can carefully prepare a framework that suits you and your business.
  • Provide you with a proposal that clearly outlines the scope of the project, including deliverables and delivery timeline.
  • Have a clear and transparent contract that summarizes the project objectives, covers all legal issues (your fav part) and has an explicit project end date.
  • Keep the project flowing to meet deadlines.
  • Take a leadership role rather than wait for instructions from you.

You get what you pay for…

Sure you can hire a copywriter for dirt cheap, but how motivated do you think they are to work hard on your behalf?

Likely not hard at all.

Copywriters who work for pennies are taking on every and any job they can to pay the bills.

And guess what?

They're exhausted and overworked. And the low pay doesn't afford them the time or energy to deliver you the quality of work you need to grow your business.

Pay attention to the value a copywriter adds, because... when you find the right one to work with, they will amplify your practice.

You have mere seconds to capture the attention of prospects who land on your page... seven seconds, to be exact!

And if you're making any of the sales-destroying errors I talk about in this letter, you are unknowingly turning clients away…

... clients who can benefit from your services.

If you want a thriving law practice that attracts endless clients -- the kind who are thrilled to finally find a lawyer who speaks human and actually cares -- you need to put aside any skepticism and remain open to a new way of reaching your clients.

You need to speak to your audience in their language, not yours. And that requires an insane amount of research to intimately get to know your market.

Now before you think I have some crystal ball that helps me see what people are thinking and a magic wand that reveals their deepest, darkest desires... I don't. Trust me, if I did, I'd just use it to win the lottery.

What I do have is a proven process for finding out everything I can about your ideal clients... and I use this critical research to write psychologically compelling copy that speaks directly to your prospects biggest pain points, hopes and dreams in a non-boring and non navy blue way.

Your phone will be ringing off the hook. (metaphorically if you're more of an email person)

Phew! Now that we got that out of the way…

… I’m pleased to share how I will help you transform your website into your biggest advocate and hardest working salesperson.

Because you're so done pining for the days of the Yellow Pages. You want something that works.

And you will! With a website that...

Is based on methodical research that attracts your best clients.

Positions you as the expert you are and the desirable lawyer to work with... hello more profits.

Ranks high in organic Google searches with carefully selected SEO keywords that sound natural.

Has compelling headlines, your special IT factor and calls to action that sell! Sell!! SELL!!!

Speaks clearly, concisely and uses language that elicits an emotional response from readers (and encourages clicks). 

Let's clients know you're serious about your business. And not just another staunchy lawyer.

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If you're ready for Words on your website that get people Excited to hire you as their lawyer

Choose your  color adventure below:

All of my website packages include:

  • A deep dive intake form - this gets you thinking intimately and critically about your business. It's also where I get to know you and your brand so I can imitate your unique personality.
  • Keyword research - skyrocket your Google ranking and instantly decrease bounce rates. 
  • Powerful headlines and a meaningful Sales Value Proposition
  • Prospect + Competitor Analysis - This is vital information to speak the right language and make selling easier. AND to set you apart from your competitors. You're WAY too awesome to sound like every other lawyer on the internet.
  • Two rounds of edits over 48 hours.
  • All pages edited by a professional copy editor - hey, I'm good, but I'm not the grammar police.
  • Wireframes that you can pass along to your designer to keep the guessing out of what goes where on your web pages.
  • Post design feedback to ensure maximum conversions. I'll check out your website AFTER it's designed to make sure everything is where it should be.

loyal blue

Perfect for you if:

  • You’ve been in business for more than 2 years and have your audience and brand (mostly) defined. 

  • Your business grew and your website got left in the dust (cringe much?). 

  • You’re ready for website copy that is backed by research and speaks directly to your audience’s level of awareness.

  • You’re rebranding and ready to go all in.


  • 6 pages of captivating copy.
  • Research-backed copy - I'll stalk all your potential clients to find out their deepest, darkest problems.

  • 3 -5 live interviews with past and current clients to find out why they chose you and the transformation they experienced. 
  • 2 week turnaround - you ain't got time to wait weeks or months for your copy.

joyful yellow

Perfect for you if:

  • You have lots of information you need to communicate to your audience like a speaker bio, podcast, multiple products, etc.
  • You're a medium to large company.

  • You're tired of your bland copy that doesn't represent your business. 


  • 10 pages of captivating copy.
  • Research-backed copy - I'll stalk all your potential clients to find out their deepest, darkest problems.
  • 3 -5 live interviews with past and current clients to find out why they chose you and the transformation they experienced.
  • 3 week turnaround.

How Does This All Go Down?

I love to uncomplicate (and sometimes make up words) the complicated. That's why I've made it super easy for us to work together. You're a busy entrepreneur and don't need another headache. I believe clear communication and expectations is the recipe for a happy union. Below you'll discover just how easy it is to work with me...

  • Choo​​se the color that works best for you. Click the button and book a call... hey, we gotta make sure we're a good fit, right?
  • If we decide to make magic together, I'll get the "paperwork" rolling.
  • I'll send you a master contract to sign - I don't work without this.
  • Then I'll send you a SOW - this lays out the exact deliverables, timelines, what happens when deadlines are missed, etc.
  • You pay a 60% deposit - I don't start work without this.
  • I'll send you my intake form to fill out.
  • I begin the research phase on the first day of our project.

I'm ready, Amy.

let's get Our firm's website working!

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