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The magic is in the follow up!

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If you’re a coach, consultant or expert service provider with limitless potential and know it…

… you’ve come to the right place.

You have an important mission in life and need powerful sales copy to reach your best clients.

Except, the thing is… you need to work with a copywriter who gets you. 

There are a gazillion “experts” out there who don’t have your experience, knowledge, training and superlative results.

And you need a copywriter who knows how to communicate your expertise to your clients... and differentiate you from the sea of unqualified online service providers.

You aren’t just another:

  • Coach who thought it’d be easy to quit your job and instead make money telling other people what to do (besides, every qualified coach knows that’s not what coaches do, anyway).
  • Consultant who barely put in your time at corporate and decided one day you could "make more money consulting”.
  • Expert service provider who talks a big game with no follow-through or know-how. 

No. You’re smart and refined. And you deliver. 

Well... I understand you. And I don't work with just anyone. These are the qualities I look for in my clients.

Because I won't just be your copywriter. 

I'll be your strategic partner, too.

Hey, I'm Amy... and words + strategy is my thing!

I'm a conversion copywriter (this means I write  high converting copy using my proprietary process that encourage readers to take a specific and desired action) and I work with conscientious and ethical service providers, like you, who want to help make the world a better place and earn a sizable income at the same time.

You have big goals (why stop at a mil) and need sophisticated sales copy for:

  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Emails galore
  • And web copy that backs up your prestige

As an established business owner with the experience and expertise to get exceptional outcomes for your clients, you need a conversion copywriter who can keep up and get you the results you seek.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, go ahead and book a 20-minute Discovery Call with me.

Through Amy’s process, she was able to bring my website to life with my passion and perspective for transforming residents families into fans.

She got me to dig deep into what matters for my clients and tell my story in a way that really connects with my audience. I felt like she had my back and was truly committed to delivering gold, which she did! 

Deborah Bakti  //  Seniors' Care Consultant

Do You Want REmarkably good copy that will help you Do more good AND make money?

Here's how I can help you...

email copy

Oh, baby... if you aren't emailing your list, we must talk.

At any moment all of social media can go boom. This means if you rely on your social channels to connect with your audience, you're taking a big risk.

Emails are the best way to stay connected to your best people and eventually turn them into paying clients.

You gotta build those relationships! And I can write emails that get opened and read.

Let's talk strategy... 


Your website is your hardest working sales rep.

And as the first place people go to decide if they're picking up what you're laying down, it's imperative to invest in high quality copy.

Stand out as an expert in your market and people will be stoked to work with you.

Let me help you stand out from everyone else in your market and write copy that speak to real humans. 


You've got something pretty special you need to sell a whole lot of...

But you're struggling to reach your best people. 

Who are they? What are their biggest pain points? And how can you write in a way that gets their hearts and wallets to open at the same time?

I can help with this. From a single sales page to a complicated funnel. I will be there from start to finish.

Amy certainly is one of the most talented copywriters I’ve ever worked with! I was fortunate to partner with her on special projects including launch campaigns, email sales copy, and sales pages. 

Her work generates positive responses and conversions from my audiences because she a) took the time to understand their needs and what resonates with them and b) took the time to understand my voice and perspective so that her words seamlessly flowed as if it came all from me.  That was the true value that she delivers in addition to her wonderful service.  I truly appreciate Amy’s talent and highly recommend her services!

Roxanne Carne  //  Personal Stylist

Working with Amy is like working with a trained assassin.

She's cunning, clever, curious and executes with swiftness and lethal precision. She's the Black Widow of conversion copywriting.

Rob Howard  //  Cult Collective

It's Not Always About You

Your website is your most valuable brand asset. It doesn't exist to stroke your ego or take up space on the internet. It's there to communicate your value and how you will change... improve... remove a pain... for your client or customer.

Because they're just not that into you.

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