Launch And Website Copy 

For Serious

coaches and consultants

Who Want DAMN Good Results! 

(and a whole lotta bank)

The magic is in the follow up! grab your free guide AND write welcome emails LIKE A PRO...

If you’re a coach or consultant with limitless potential and know it…

… you’ve come to the right place.

You have an important mission in life and need powerful sales copy to reach your best clients.

Except, the thing is… you need to work with a copywriter who gets you.

There are a gazillion “coaches and consultants” out there who don’t have your experience, knowledge, training and superlative results.

And you need a copywriter who knows how to communicate your expertise to your clients.... and differentiate you from the sea of unqualified coaches.

You aren’t just another:

  • Coach who thought it’d be easy to quit your job and instead make money telling other people what to do (besides, every qualified coach knows that’s not what coaches do, anyway).
  • Consultant who barely put in your time at corporate and decided one day you could "make more money consulting”.

No. You’re smart and refined. And you deliver. 

Well... I understand you. And I don't work with just anyone. These are the qualities I look for in my clients.

Because I won't just be your writer. I'll be your strategic partner, too.

Hey, I'm Amy... 

... and words + strategy is my thing!

I'm a conversion copywriter (this means I write words that encourage readers to take a specific and desired action) and I work with conscientious coaches and consultants, like you, who want to help make the world a better place and earn a sizable income at the same time.

You have big goals (why stop at a mil) and need sophisticated sales copy for:

  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Emails galore
  • And web copy that backs up your prestige

As an established business owner with the experience and expertise to get exceptional outcomes for your clients, you need a conversion copywriter who can keep up and get you the results you seek.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, go ahead and book a 30-minute Discovery Call with me.

Through Amy’s process, she was able to bring my website to life with my passion and perspective for transforming residents families into fans.

She got me to dig deep into what matters for my clients and tell my story in a way that really connects with my audience. I felt like she had my back and was truly committed to delivering gold, which she did! 

Deborah Bakti  //  Seniors' Care Consultant

Do You Want REmarkably good copy that will make you moolah?

Let me write it for you...


Marketing is hard. And without a clear and powerful core message it's almost impossible to grow your business. If you want to skip the mish-mash marketing effort, and love your business again, I've got the solution... and it only takes five days. 


Grab a coffee and saddle up! If you don't have the patience to wait for deliverables and need results pronto, work with me for a day. You'll be pleasantly surprised to discover what we can accomplish in one day together. 


Your website is your biggest sales page. And as the first place prospects go to decide if they're picking up what you're laying down, it's imperative to invest in high quality copy. Stand out as an expert in your market and you'll make money while you sleep.

Amy certainly is one of the most talented wordsmiths I’ve ever worked with! I was fortunate to partner with her on special projects including launch campaigns, email sales copy, and sales pages. 

Her work generates positive responses and conversions from my audiences because she a) took the time to understand their needs and what resonates with them and b) took the time to understand my voice and perspective so that her words seamlessly flowed as if it came all from me.  That was the true value that she delivers in addition to her wonderful service.  I truly appreciate Amy’s talent and highly recommend her services!

Roxanne Carne  //  Personal Stylist


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